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Hybrid restoration

The CAMLOG® Implant System includes numerous abutments with varying geometries for optimal anchoring of an implant-retained full denture in an edentulous arch.

  • 26-CAMLOG-Stegaufbau

    Bar abutment

    In many cases, bar constructions are the best solution for removable prostheses. The CAMLOG® Bar abutment offers extensive options for fabrication of prefabricated and custom-milled bars because of the wide variety of components available.

    Burn-out, cast-on, solderable and laser-weldable bar bases are available for CAMLOG® bar abutments. The Passive Fit System consisting of a burn-out bar sleeve and a titanium bonding base also makes it possible to fabricate cast bars absolutely tension-free.


    Hybrid restorations

  • 27-CAMLOG-Kugelaufbau

    Ball abutment

    To anchor a full denture in an edentulous arch, the CAMLOG® ball abutment has been a proven restoration type for decades. The Ball abutment is composed of a ball-shaped male part and a matrix CM Dalbo®-Plus (Cendres & Métaux SA, Biel, Switzerland).
    The retention force of the matrix is adjustable in steps if needed.


    Hybrid restorations

  • CAMLOG-Locator

    Locator® abutment

    The CAMLOG® Locator® abutment is used to securely attach a full denture on implants. It plays the role of a male insert and is a component of the Locator® anchoring system, which contains different replacement males with different retention strengths. The system can be used with implant axes divergences up
    to 20° per implant.


    Hybrid restorations


    Manufacturer of Locator® products:

    Zest Anchors, Inc

    Escondido, CA 92029, USA

    Locator® is a registered trademark of

    Zest Anchors, Inc

  • 9-CAMLOG-Vario-SR

    VARIO SR prosthetic components

    The prefabricated CAMLOG® Vario SR prosthetic components precisely matched to one another can be used to fabricate occlusally screw-retained crown, bridge and bar constructions. 20° and 30° angled CAMLOG® Vario SR abutments are well suited for bridging large implant axes divergences. Where bone supply is reduced and anatomical structures are unfavorable for implantation, the implants can be placed in the distal direction and an appropriate prosthetic restoration can be created.


    Vario SR prosthetic components

  • CAMLOG-Doppelkronenversorgungen

    Double crown restorations

    With the customizable Universal abutment, divergences to the implant axis can be compensated for by a suitably adapted forming. The Telescope abutment enables the fabrication of double crowns even in heavily unparallel placement of implants. The Titanium base CAD/CAM acts as a bonding basis and makes restorations with individual two-piece abutments made of zirconium oxide possible for double crowns. The Gold-plastic abutment with the cast-on technique can be used to fabricate primary crowns for bridging implant axis divergences in the double crown technique.


    Hybrid restorations


    Titanium bases CAD/CAM

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