Digital Technology

Individual CAD/CAM implant prosthetics and computer based planning possibilities

Digital Technology

CAMLOG offers well matched products for digital technology:


The Guide System for template guided implant bed preparation and implantation of CAMLOG® and CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants.


Titanium bases CAD/CAM for the customized fabrication of CAD/CAM machined prosthetics on CAMLOG® implants and scanbodies for the digital recording of implant positions









  • Guide System

    Precision template-guided implantation for CAMLOG® and CONELOG® implants.


    PDF, 4.0 MB
  • Guide System

    Template-guided Implantation


    PDF, 1.3 MB
  • CAMLOG® Titanium Base CAD/CAM

    Bonding base for individual CAD/CAM-fabricated dental prostheses

    PDF, 1.2 MB
CONELOG® products are not available in all countries.
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