4 Monday evenings virtual classroom, 4 days on site at University of Freiburg

Master the Digital Workflow in reconstructive dentistry. The course consists of 4 virtual classroom webinars and 4 days of on-site training at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Participate in evidence-based lectures and practical exercises presented by experienced speakers and instructors from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Led by the renowned head of the department, Prof. Katja Nelson, a team of very experienced senior lecturers will host this course on a very high level. The evidence-based lectures and practical exercises are well balanced over 4 days during the on-site course at the University in Freiburg. Each participant can get to know the different areas of the digital workflow and their overlaps in detail and directly apply the acquired knowledge in various practical exercises.

Prior to the 4-day on-site course at the university, webinars will be held on four consecutive Monday evenings (CET) in September, to introduce the participants to the topics. In addition to get to know the speakers, this also provides an initial overview of the topic and helps to answer any questions that may arise, and, if necessary, to incorporate them later into the on-site exercises.

Learning objectives for participants

  • How to use digital scan and impression devices most effectively and how to match their data for accurate case planning.
  • How to use digital devices and aids for guided implantology in practice.
  • How to plan cases of varying complexity using backward planning.
  • How to prevent patients from periimplantitis and how to recognize and treat it correctly in case of an infection.
  • How to get more bone for the implant bed with different augmentation methods.