CERALOG Prosthetics

CERALOG® Components for soft tissue management

The CERALOG® Hexalobe implant set includes a cover cap which is inserted in the Hexalobe connection for the duration of the healing period. As an option, the implant can be covered with a cover screw.


Both implants can be used for both open as well as submerged healing. Healing abutments in two heights and two diameters as well as a temporary abutments are available for soft tissue shaping. These components are made of PEEK and are used for a limited time.

CERALOG® Impression taking

With the use of a transfer cap or transfer post, impressions of CERALOG® Hexalobe implants can be taken both with closed tray as well as open tray.


Impressions of the CERALOG® Monobloc implants are taken via the pick-up method with a transfer cap. The components are also made of PEEK.






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