CAMLOG presents the CERALOG® Ceramic Implant System

CAMLOG expands its portfolio and will be showcasing the CERALOG® Ceramic Implant System at the International Dental Show 2017, with immediate availability. The demand for ceramic implants has increased considerably over the past few years. Add to this the wish of many patients looking for highly esthetic and particularly tissue-compatible prostheses. As a leader in innovation and to meet these market requirements, CAMLOG has been involved intensively in ceramic implants for several years and finally acquired a majority holding in AXIS biodental SA. The private Swiss-based company is specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative dental implant solutions made from high performance ceramics. With its two-piece design, CERALOG® enables reversible screw-retained prosthetic solutions and thus offers greater safety and freedom in esthetic restoration options. CERALOG® convinces with good mechanical properties so far only known for titanium.



CERALOG® Hexalobe and CERALOG® Monobloc
The zirconium-dioxide implant portfolio includes two different implants. The two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implant is a true two-piece design in conjunction with reversible screw-retained abutments made of the high performance polymer PEKK. The abutment can be attached optionally in the implant with a titanium or gold screw. Alternatively, the one-piece CERALOG® Monobloc implant is available for purely ceramic solutions. Both implants are available in the lengths 8, 10 and 12 millimeter and a diameter of 4 millimeters. The ivory color, which is very close to the color shade of a natural tooth, and the properties of zirconium-dioxide make for highly esthetic results.


More than ten years of experience
CERALOG® is based on more than ten years of dedicated research and development for the benefit of the patient. The first clinical studies were conducted in 2007 and already used the current material composition and surface texture. Marketing commenced with the one-piece Monobloc implant. The two-piece Hexalobe implant has been used successfully in the present configuration since early 2013 in clinical practice. As such, CERALOG® Hexalobe looks back on many years of clinical experience in the field of two-piece, reversible screw-retained zirconium-dioxide implants.



Dual surface texture
The dual surface texture of CERALOG® combines two defined roughnesses on a single implant. The implants are less rough in the neck area in order to promote soft tissue adaptation. The enossal area of the implant body is provided with a micro-rough texture which enables targeted deposition of bone cells. This is made possible by Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), a unique ceramic injection molding process which is used for manufacturing the CERALOG® Implants. This top technology makes it possible to manufacture complex shapes with various surface textures. All without requiring additional abrasive processing steps.



Innovative abutment with perfect implant-abutment connection
Whether cemented solutions or hybrid crowns, both are possible with CERALOG® Hexalobe abutments. The two-piece implant is distinguished by its reversible screw-retained prosthetic components. The abutment consists of high performance PEKK polymer and is ideal for extreme loads, for example, masticatory forces. The ductility of PEKK reduces the stress factor and simulates tooth-like properties. However, the right implant-abutment connection is also of significant relevance for the long-term success of the restoration. Taking the requirements for zirconium-dioxide into account, the Hexalobe connection was developed and optimized specifically for this material. The insertion forces are introduced tangentially into the implant, allowing a considerably higher torque than can, for example, be transferred with a hexagonal connection.



Individual one-piece full-zirconium-oxide abutments
In addition to the standard CERALOG® Abutment, an individual full-zirconium-oxide abutment will also be available for the two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implant as of May 2017. This will be available in two colors and supplied optionally with a gold or titanium screw. CERALOG® thus closes the circle to DEDICAM®, resulting in a unique patient-specific solution: a two-piece reversible screw-retained ceramic implant system with a custom-shaped ceramic abutment.



100 per cent quality control
Every single CERALOG® Implant is subject to quality control. The implant is tested optically, dimensionally and with appropriate mechanical loading in a controlled process.



CAMLOG also breaks new ground with the market launch of CERALOG®. “We consistently focus on quality - because ceramic is not titanium. To provide our customers with know-how specific to ceramics, we have established a team of specialists who will accompany the first surgical procedure as part of our CERAMIC EXCELLENCE PARTNER program. I am delighted to see the large number of inquiries for appointments even before the launch", states Martin Lugert, General Sales Manager at CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH.

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Caption: The CERALOG® system consisting of the one-piece CERALOG® Monobloc implant and the two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implant with reversibly screw-retained abutments
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