DEDICAM Product Catalog

77 DEDICAM Product Catalog 2019 A Locator abutment with an M2.0 thread is available for anchoring bar-supported prostheses. A suitable lab kit with a processing replacement male without resilience - since no soft tissue presses on the prosthesis -, a spacer/dublication aid and a processing replacement male as spare part are also available. The existing Locator instruments J2253.0001 and J2253.0002 (see also CAMLOG, CONELOG or iSy product catalogs) can also be used for incorporating and removing the products. DEDICAM Bar profiles and attachments Locator abutments with thread M2.0 Article number J2253.0501 Material: Titanium alloy with titanium nitrite coating, 2 pieces Locator lab kits for bars Article number J2253.0502 Content: 2 retention housings with processing insert yellow without resilience, 4 block out spacers white, 2 replacement male clear (polyamide), 2 replacement male pink (polyamide), 2 replacement male blue (polyamide) Locator spacer/dublication aids Article number J2253.0503 Material: Polyoxymethylene , 4 pieces Locator processing inserts yellow, without resilience Article number J2253.0504 Material: Polyoxymethylene , 4 pieces LOCATOR ® is a registered trademark of Zest IP Holdings, LLC, U.S.A.