Catalog Biomaterials 2021

8| Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 Bovine collagen membrane Mem-Lok® RCM – durable and long-lasting Mem-Lok® RCM is manufactured from highly purified, type I bovine collagen. Clinicians can be confident that Mem-Lok® RCM will serve as an effective barrier membrane for bone regeneration. Mem-Lok® RCM supports graft stabilization and bone growth by providing soft tissue support and space maintenance over a predictable timeframe. It is manufactured to ensure predictable resorption rates. Due to its in-vivo stability, it enables easy handling in demanding indications. Special handling characteristics [3] Membrane only 0.3 mm thick, yet rigid Easy to use due to dimensional stability Easy placement since membrane is not side-specific Potentially reduced treatment time thanks to easy fixation Minimal hydration for optimal bio-adaptability Properties Cell-occlusive for supporting bone regeneration Protecting the graft area from undesirable soft tissue infiltration during the initial healing phase Predictable resorption after 26 to 38 weeks [7] eliminates the need of a removal surgery Flexible, to meet clinical needs Combined with MinerOss® X and/or MinerOss® XP, Mem-Lok® RCM maintains ideal space and long-term cell occlusion for maximum bone volume Permeability permits the exchange of essential nutrients during healing Easily adapts to whole range of bone defects