Catalog Biomaterials 2021

4| Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 Bovine xenogeneic bone graft substitutes MinerOss® X Cancellous and MinerOss® X Collagen The MinerOss® family of xenogeneic bone graft materials can be used in a wide variety of applications bone regeneration. It is methodically processed from bovine or porcine bone and extensively tested to eliminate potential antigenicity and to provide a favorable environment for new bone growth.* MinerOss® X is an anorganic, bovine bone, mineral matrix available in a variety of options. Physically and chemically, the product is comparable to the mineral structure of human bone. The formation and ingrowth of new bone at the implantation site of MinerOss® X is favored, due to its trabecular architecture, interconnecting macro and micro pores and its natural consistency. MinerOss® X Collagen is a combination of 95 % anorganic, cancellous, bovine bone and approximately 5 % bovine collagen. This block form allows for convenience during placement and is an ideal solution for many applications, including ridge preservation, minor bone augmentations and periodontal regeneration. Flexible for meeting clinical requirements In combination with Mem-Lok® RCM, MinerOss® X preserves ideal space and long-term cell occlusion for maximum bone volume Matrix for osseointegration Diffraction patterns are close to the mature native bone diffraction pattern [2] High porosity which supports and enhances integration of new bone Dependable stability and strength Deproteinized and delipidized, gamma-sterilized Optimal calcium/phosphate balance comparable to human bone [3] CE identification of the products 16 years on the market * Data on file by Collagen Matrix New – larger volumes