CAMLOG® Product catalog

Surgery CAMLOG ® Product catalog 2020 | 47 Article Art. No. Dimension Cardanic driver (30°) adjustable length Material Stainless steel J5300.0038* - PickUp instrument holder for carrying Implants Material Stainless steel J5300.0030** - Adapter ISO shaft for angled hand piece Material Stainless steel J5002.0011 21.0 mm * only for use with CAMLOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants with Art. No. K1075.xxxx, K1076.xxxx and CAMLOG ® SCREW-LINE Implants with Art. No. K1044.xxxx, K1045.xxxx, K1046.xxxx, K1054.xxxx, K1055.xxxx and K1056.xxxx. ** o nly for use with CAMLOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants (with snap-in insertion post) with Art. No. K1076.xxxx and CAMLOG ® SCREW- LINE Implants with Art. No. K1042.xxxx, K1046.xxxx, K1052.xxxx and K1056.xxxx.