NO BONES ABOUT IT. CONFIDENCE IN ALL BONE TYPES [2] A SURGICAL SET FOR CONELOG ® AND CAMLOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE IMPLANTS PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants are designed to achieve high primary stability even in very soft bone or extraction alveoli [1,2]. Based on the clinically tried and tested and user friendly inner connections of the CONELOG ® and CAMLOG ® implants [3,4], they have many other design features to master complex situations [2] and make processes more efficient. The apical conical implant body and the progressive, protruding thread de- sign ensure greater assurance in patient-friendly treatment concepts such as immediate implants and restoration [1,2]. A crestal anchoring thread ensures additional grip even when the bone height is limited [2]. In order to do this, the thread is continued into the crestal area of the implant and modified. The implant achieves high levels of primary stability without additional measures and scores in many clinical situations such as: • Soft bone • Immediate implantation • Immediate restoration • Immediate function • Limited bone height [1,2] PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants are available as CONELOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE and CAMLOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE in the diameters 3.3, 3.8, 4.3 and 5.0 mm and in the lengths 7 (CONELOG ® only), 9, 11, 13 and 16 mm. The CAMLOG ® and CONELOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants are available with screw-in or snap-in implant posts. The surgical procedure and the instruments are the same for CONELOG ® and CAMLOG ® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants, so the surgical set is the same for both lines. Users from the pilot phase confirmed that the implants has excellent, user-friendly properties [5].