Catalog Biomaterials 2021

6| Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 Porcine xenogeneic bone graft substitutes MinerOss® XP Cancellous MinerOss® XP is an anorganic porcine bone mineral matrix designed for bone grafting. Its high porosity results in an optimal osteoconductivity and also provides adequate space for new bone buildup. Intra and interparticle space [1] The highly porous structure of MinerOss® XP provides substantial space for the growth of new blood vessels and new bone. More intra and interparticular space is provided for osteoconduction and new bone formation than with comparable materials. Rough surface [1] Promotes cell adhesion and proliferation Periodontal defects Extraction sockets Horizontal ridge enhancement Sinus augmentation Vertical ridge enhancement Dehiscence defects Block graft Immediate implantation MinerOss® X Cancellous a aa aa aaa a aa a a MinerOss® X Collagen a aa a a a MinerOss® XP Cancellous aa aa aa aaa a aa a aa asuitable aa well-suited aaa very well-suited Indication-related application options