Catalog Biomaterials 2021

14| Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 Bovine collagen wound dressings BioPlug and BioStrip BioPlug and BioStrip are wound dressings made from bovine collagen. They are designed to absorb blood or fluids and to protect the wound, thus supporting optimal healing. Collagen supports the formation of the blood coagulum and contributes to a rapid stabilization of the wound area [23]. Because of their haemostyptic effect, collagen wound dressings are used for the stabilization of extraction sockets and biopsy sampling points as well as in the treatment of smaller wounds. Fully resorbable in 10 to 14 days 10 units per pack Packaged sterile BioPlug – applications include Extraction sockets Biopsy sites BioStrip – applications include Closure of grafted sites Dressing of minor wounds Pressure sores of dentures Canker sores (non-infected and viral) Periodontal surgery wounds Sutures Burns Extraction sites Surgical wounds Traumatic wounds BioPlug aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa BioStrip aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa asuitable aa well-suited aaa very well-suited Indication-related application options