Catalog Biomaterials 2021

Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 | 17 * Dr. Roman Beniashvili, Schorndorf Soft tissue thickening with NovoMatrix™ – the pouch technique* Initial situation: referral for an immediate restoration due to root remnants which were not worth preserving. After removal of the root and cleaning of the alveolus, bone replacement material was inserted to stabilize the facial lamella. A CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implant was placed prosthetically oriented into the palatal alveolar wall. At over 30 Ncm, primary stability was sufficient for the planned immediate restoration. Using the crestal access, a pouch was prepared up to the mobile mucosa without a vertical incision. The NovoMatrix™ was pierced and pulled into the cavity using a suture. To thicken the vestibular mucosa and achieve attached soft tissue, NovoMatrix™ was cut to fit the defect size. Six weeks after the surgical procedure, the peri-implant tissue was stable and the surgical site had almost completely healed. The definitive, palatally screw-retained hybrid abutment crown could be placed. The tear-resistant matrix was fixed deep in the vestibulum with a button suture and adapted to the alveolar bone. A gingiva former supported the tissue up to insertion of the temporary immediate restoration.