Catalog Biomaterials 2021

16| Biomaterials Product catalog 2021 * Dr. Sangeeta Pai, Oldenburg Case studies Horizontal and vertical augmentation in the lower jawwith MinerOss® XP* The bone substitute material (MinerOss® XP) was mixed with blood from the surgical site and wetted with liquid L-PRF. Autologous blood therapy not only supports wound healing and tissue regeneration, but also simplifies handling when inserting the bone particles. The interdental gap in the 4th quadrant was to be reconstructed with the aid of implants. To create a sufficiently stable implant bed, both horizontal as well as vertical bone augmentation was essential. After exposure of the alveolar bone, it was ”freshened“. These malleable sticky ”blocks“ could be applied easily to the deficient alveolar bone and modeled. The advantage of this procedure is that a larger area can be augmented as the bone substitute particles are incorporated in the coagulum. Saturation with liquid L-PRF was performed with a raspatory, by slightly lifting the mixture of blood and bone substitute material from all sides. This resulted in the shape of a ”block“, which stabilized and coagulated after a short period of time. At the time of implant placement (four months after the augmentative measures), the alveolar bone had been clearly widened and was stable. The healthy, newly formed bone tissue formed the perfect basis for reconstruction with implants. A resorbable barrier membrane (Mem-Lok® Pliable) was inserted. This has a service life of up to 16 weeks and prevents epithelial cells from growing into the augmentation.