CAMLOG® Implant System

The Tube-in-Tube® Connection

The very core of the CAMLOG® Implant System is the Tube-in-Tube® Implant-abutment connection. Its precision and the special geometric groove and cam principle ensures virtually perfect force and torque distribution. The CAMLOG Implant System is designed for prosthetic simplicity - convincing both surgeons and prosthodontists. Both the CAMLOG SCREW-LINE and the CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants use the proven Tube-in-Tube Implant-abutment connection.

The proven CAMLOG Implant-abutment connection

The unmistakable Tube-in-Tube principle with the three interlocking grooves and cams creates a very precise, stable, and antirotational implant-abutment connection. This was designed biomechanically on the basis of complex finite element analyses. It has proven itself millions of times over for many years and its long-term success has been scientifically documented.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy indexing thanks to three possible positions of the abutments
  • Precise with excellent tactile feedback
  • Platform Matching and optional Platform Switching
  • Defined vertical stop: no height offset over the entire workflow
  • Reduced diameter implant (3.3 mm)
  • Scientifically documented long-term results



The CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants make it easier to implement modern treatment concepts such as immediate restorations or immediate loading. The apical conical macro design of the CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implant, with extended flank height and many other features, facilitates achieving high primary stability – regardless of bone quality.

The crestal thread provides additional support in case of limited bone height while the thread running to the apex is ideal for immediate placement. CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE thus extends your therapeutic treatment options in soft bone and extraction sockets.

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  • High-precision CAMLOG Tube-in-Tube connection
  • Apical-conical screw implant for confidence in all bone qualities1,2
  • High primary stability due to flexible drilling protocols for different bone qualities
  • Crestal thread for additional hold with limited bone height2
  • Thread down to the apex – ideal for immediate placement1,2

The CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implant is synonymous with prosthetic simplicity thanks to its Tube-in-Tube connection. Implant positioning is performed slightly supracrestal or epicrestal. CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants are available with the Promote® plus surface and a machined neck of 0.4 mm.


[1] Conserva E. Initial stability after placement of a new buttress threaded implant. A case series study. implants. 2019(3):24-28.
[2] Ruppin J. One-year clinical experience with Progressive-Line implants. EDI journal. 2020(4):54-63


CAMLOG SCREW-LINE Implants are slightly conical, self-tapping screw implants. They enable easy insertion by self-centering with continuous bone contact, thus achieving solid primary stability. Rounding of the apical geometry enables gentle insertion of the CAMLOG SCREW-LINE Implants into the bone.

  • High-precision CAMLOG Tube-in-Tube connection
  • Slightly conical screw implant for all indications
  • Solid primary stability
  • Self-centering with continuous bone contact
  • Gentle insertion due to apical rounding


CAMLOG SCREW-LINE Implants are available with both the Promote® surface (1.4 mm machined implant neck) and the Promote® plus surface (0.4 mm machined implant neck).

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The CAMLOG Implant System

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