The Camlog Company

Camlog is a leading supplier of premium dental implant systems, restorative components, regenerative and digital solutions. Many years of scientific research and development experience, high quality standards, a prime price-performance ratio based on partnership, and practice-oriented value-added services have made Camlog a top address in implantology.

CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH is based in Basel/Switzerland. The production of all Camlog products is carried out exclusively by ALTATEC GmbH in Wimsheim. Own subsidiaries distribute Camlog products in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Switzerland is served by a local Swiss sales team.

Under the umbrella of the Global Dental Surgical Group, a division of Henry Schein, Inc, Camlog has been working closely with BioHorizons, Inc. in various areas since 2016, forming BioHorizons Camlog together. Today, Camlog is distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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Our Philosophy

Success is a team effort

Choosing an implant system extends well beyond the benefits of the product itself. It also requires a partner whom you can rely on completely, who thinks as a part of your team and adds keys to your success. Camlog considers itself as your partner: fair, transparent, and reliable. We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers and offer true added values. We are convinced that together, we can achieve a great deal more, and we support you and your team personally and competently.

As a company, we act in accordance with ethical principles and social responsibility towards employees and business partners.

Research and development

Built on our expertise

To achieve premium quality, we leave nothing to chance. In our  development center at CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH in Basel, Switzerland, we develop, realize, and optimize well thought-through implant systems and workflow solutions together with recognized experts that are state-of-the-art for today’s implantological practice. Our researchers and developers work on new solutions for dental implants, accessories, and surgical instruments for implant dentistry. This includes the continuous refinement of Camlog products based on the latest research results in science and technology.

Particular attention is given during research and development and we ensure our manufacturing quality remains first-class. Our Camlog products and biocompatible materials are easy and uncomplicated to use. Different quality checks are performed across all company processes to ensure the safety for our users and their patients.

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Solid basis for sustainable growth

With over 280 qualified employees, high-quality infrastructure and ultra-modern production facilities, ALTATEC GmbH in Wimsheim guarantees optimal production facilities and ensures that the Camlog Group success story will continue as the years unfold.

Even at the planning stage, we placed the greatest emphasis on building a manufacturing facility that not only meets all the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation but also conforms to international criteria especially the stringent US regulations. Our high-tech manufacturing processes and continuous quality assurance ensure the uniformly high level of quality of our products. This includes, for example, the structure and cleanliness of the implant surface being inspected under the scanning electron microscope, and every implant is subject to a 100% check during the final inspection.

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Quality Management

We meet international standards

ALTATEC GmbH, the manufacturing facility of the Camlog Group, is subject to regulation of its quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of its operations. This standard specifies in detail all the criteria that must be met by the extensive quality assurance scheme relating to the company’s operations in order to be recognized. Quite correctly, medical devices must meet particularly strict requirements.

Camlog implants and prosthetic components are manufactured under stringent controls. Production certified to EN ISO 13485 meets all requirements of the Medical Devices Act, the EU Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices, international specifications, and the strict requirements in the USA.

The ALTATEC GmbH quality management system is directed by an experienced quality assurance eam that ensures inspections and documentation of all our products throughout the various production stages. Our highly trained staff carries out internal and external audits as part of the quality management system of ALTATEC GmbH. Our quality management system is not static but process-oriented, and quality assurance is implemented prospectively. We check the quality of our products for reliability and durability in long-term tests conducted at our own sites with our own equipment.

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