CONELOG® Prosthetics

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Bridge restoration – screw-retained

With the CONELOG® abutments, customized esthetic bridge restorations can be fabricated.

  • Temporary abutment titanium alloy

    A screw-retained temporary bridge restoration is performed with temporary abutments made of titanium alloy of the bridge version. To compensate implant axis divergences, the abutments are not equipped with a tapered implant-abutment connection. The abutments can be veneered directly with plastic.

    Temporary Abutments


  • Titanium bases CAD/CAM

    CONELOG® Titanium bases CAD/CAM of the bridge version act as bonding base for customized bridge constructions made from suitable materials. Digital recording of the implant or lab analog positions is performed with CONELOG® Scanbodies. Fabrication of the bridge construction is performed with CAD technology. The geometries of the titanium bases are filed in a CAD library at under Digital Technology. To compensate implant axis divergences in case of primary splinting, the titanium bases CAD/CAM for bridges are not equipped with a Tube-in-Tube® Implant-abutment connection.

    Titanium bases CAD/CAM

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