The new CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants make it easier to implement modern treatment concepts such as immediate restorations or immediate loading, which require high primary stability. The geometry of the implant is consistently designed to develop high initial stability:

The CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants are available with the Promote® plus surface which features a 0.4 mm high machined implant neck. Depending on the clinical situation, this surface design thus permits slightly supracrestal or epicrestal implant positioning. CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implants are equipped with the proven Tube-in-Tube® Implant-abutment connection.


Benefits at a glance

  • The self-tapping screw implant has a conically shaped apical area that enables pronounced primary stability even in soft bone.
  • Thread extending to the apex for good anchorage in immediate implantations.
  • Parallel-walled area of the implant body for greater flexibility of the vertical position.
  • Crestal thread for improved hold with limited bone height.


CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH may market products only upon approval by the competent authorities. Not all products may be available in every country.
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