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Bridge restoration – cement-retained

With the CAMLOG® abutments, customized esthetic bridge restorations can be fabricated.

  • Temporary Abutments PEEK

    Temporary Abutments PEEK

    A cementable temporary bridge restoration is performed with modifiable temporary abutments made of PEEK (poly ether ether ketone). The optional Temporary Abutment PS can be used for Platform Switching for forming the soft tissue. The fabricated customized bridge restoration is cemented on the allready screw-retained temporary abutments in the implant.

  • Esthomic-Abutmentlinie

    Esthomic® abutments

    The CAMLOG® Esthomic® abutments are well suited for cement-retained crowns and bridges in esthetically demanding regions. Due to the anatomically appropriate shoulder geometry and the two selectable gingival heights, individual modifications are reduced in the shoulder area and the processing time shortened. Esthomic® abutments are available in straight, 15° and 20° angled versions and in the platform switching option. Where space is limited, the Esthomic® abutment inset with the same circular diameter as the implant can be used.

  • 5-CAMLOG-Universalabutment

    Universal abutment

    The CAMLOG® universal abutment can be used for cementable crown, bridge and double crown restorations. The abutment is made from a titanium alloy and can be custom-trimmed. Divergences of the implant axes can be compensated for by a suitably adapted forming.

    The Universal Abutment PS makes the optional platform switching possible.

  • 6-Gold-Kunststoff-Abutment

    Gold-plastic abutment

    The CAMLOG® Gold-plastic abutment is highly versatile. The cast-on technique can be used to fabricate occlusally screw-retained single crowns, individual implant abutments (mesostructures) for cementable bridge restorations and primary crowns
    for bridging implant axes divergences in the double crown technique. The Gold-plastic abutment consists of a prefabricated cast-on base made of a high-melting precious metal alloy and a screw channel made of residue-free burn-out plastic (POM).

  • CAMLOG-Logfit

    Logfit® abutment line

    The CAMLOG® Logfit® abutment line consists of prefabricated components precisely matched to one another thus standardizing the clinical and technical procedures. The result is a lower workload for the practice and dental laboratory when fabricating cement-retained crown and bridge restorations.

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