CONELOG® Implant System

The proven portfolio with integrated platform switching


Patients and their requirements are always the center of attention. CONELOG® Abutments and restorations take this into account and enable fabrication of functionally and esthetically top-quality tooth replacements. The high-precision abutment assortment for single-tooth, bridge or full denture restorations is versatile, clearly structured and leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Single-tooth restoration

    Esthetically challenging single-tooth restorations, whether cement- or screw-retained, often represent a challenge for the user. CONELOG® Abutments offer dentists and dental technicians a comprehensive range of suitable solutions.

  • Bridge restoration

    When restoring several teeth, a number of CONELOG® Abutments are available for fixation of bridge restorations.

  • Hybrid restoration

    The CONELOG® Implant System includes numerous abutments with varying geometries for anchoring implant-retained full dentures.

  • Temporary restoration

    Temporary abutments made of titanium alloy are available for the CONELOG® Implant system for temporary crown and bridge restorations. The abutments are screw-retained occlusally and can be veneered directly with plastic.

  • Impression taking and cast fabrication

    High-precision, rotation-free components are used for impression taking and cast fabrication using either the open or closed-tray methods.

  • Bite registration

    Accurate implant-supported registration of the arch relations and their transfer to the cast situation can be carried out with CONELOG® Bite registration posts.

CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH may market products only upon approval by the competent authorities. Not all products may be available in every country.
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