CAMLOG® Product catalog

2 | CAMLOG ® Product catalog 2020 The CAMLOG ® Implant System is based on years of clinical and laboratory experience and is a user-friendly, consistent prosthetically oriented Implant system. All CAMLOG ® Products are manufactured with the latest state-of- the-art technology. The CAMLOG ® Implant System is continuously being developed by the company’s research and development team in collaboration with clinics, universities and dental technicians and therefore stays abreast of the latest technology. The CAMLOG ® and CONELOG ® Implant Systems are very well doc- umented scientifically. Studies* support this with respect to a great many parameters including the Implant surface, time of implantation and/or Implant loading, primary stability, and the connection design. The long-term results of the Promote ® Surface are convincing. * see «Further documentation» on page 125 The CAMLOG ® Implant System The descriptions that follow are not adequate to permit immediate use of the CAMLOG ® Implant System. Instruction by a surgeon experienced in using the system is strongly recommended. CAMLOG ® Products should only be used by dentists, doctors, surgeons and dental technicians who have been trained in using the system. Appropriate courses and training sessions are regularly offered by Camlog. Methodological errors in treatment can result in loss of the Implant and significant loss of peri-Implant bone. Not all products and services from Camlog are available in all countries. Packaging units: unless described otherwise, each pack contains one product. The images in this document are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual product.