CONELOG Product catalog 2020

104 | CONELOG ® Product catalog 2020 Article Instrument Tightening torque Implant cover screw J5317.0510 J5317.0501 J5317.0502 J5317.0504 J5317.0503 tightened by hand** Healing caps cylindrical, wide body, bottleneck Impression posts Bite registration post Lab screws Lab screws with reduced head Temporary abutments titanium, crown and bridge Abutment screws Abutment screws with reduced head 20 Ncm* Esthomic ® Abutment, straight Esthomic ® Abutment, angled 15°/20° Esthomic ® Abutment, Inset Universal abutment Telescope abutment Gold-plastic abutment Logfit ® Abutments Titanium bases CAD/CAM, crown and bridge CONELOG ® CAM titanium blank, type IAC and ME * with the torque wrench J5320.1030 ** Optional for temporary abutments titanium: torque after completed healing phase 20 Ncm. All screws must be retightened with the corresponding torque after at least 5 minutes! Overview Tightening torque