CONELOG ® BONDING AID Using the bonding aid, the Titanium base CAD/CAM can easily be screwed onto the lab analog by hand. This protects the screw channel when blasting the titaniumbase and avoids glue flowing into the screw channel during bon- ding of the prosthetic restoration. Bonding aids are included with the tita- nium bases. ALL BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • Easy screwing of the Titanium base CAD/CAM to the lab analog without a screw driver • Protection of the screw channel during sandblasting • Prevents glue flowing into the screw channel CONELOG ® SCANPOST DIGITALACQUISITIONOF CONELOG ® IMPLANTSOR LABANALOGS WITH THE SIRONA SYSTEM. The new scanpost for the Sirona scanbody is a connecting piece for intraoral and extra-oral use between the implant or lab analog and the scanbodies provided by Sirona. This enables digital acquisition of the implant position relative to the remaining dentition and the soft tissue. ALL BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • P recise fit of the Sirona scanbody to the scanpost • Integration of the CONELOG implant into the SIRONA work process • No height offset due to direct support on the implant shoulder CONELOG ® SCANBODY SCAN-TECHNICAL ACQUISITION OF THE CONELOG ® IMPLANT / LAB ANALOG POSITION The scanbody is used for the optical 3-dimensional intraoral localization of implants and of lab analogs in the working model. Scanbodies are available for implant diameters 3.3/3.8/4.3/5.0 mm and are supplied sterile including an abutment screw. ALL BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • Unambiguously scannable geometry for precise digital measuring of the implant position • No height offset due to direct placement on the implant shoulder • Sterile scanbody for immediate intraoral application • Highly resistant plastic material for lab-technical multiple use CONELOG ® ABUTMENT SCREW FOR TITANIUM BASE CAD/CAM The Titanium base CAD/CAM is supplied with a new dark purple anodized abutment screw. The abutment screw is also available individually. The abutment screw has a smaller screw head diameter and can thus accommo- date the Sirona inCoris ZI meso blocks. The new abutment screw is to be used exclusively for the Titaniumbase CAD/ CAM. CONELOG ® TITANIUM BASE CAD/CAM