The COMFOUR® System


The COMFOUR® System provides clinicians several treatment options. The system is designed with multi-function in mind - including the options of occlusal screw-retention on a bar, single tooth and bridge restorations on straight and angled CAMLOG® and CONELOG® Bar abutments. The major advantages of the COMFOUR® Abutment System are its versatility combined with an optimized product design - offering the user and patient greater comfort.


COMFOUR® saves time during use and offers clinicians and dental technicians greater flexibility. With its options for bar, single-tooth and bridge restorations (Maló concept and similar), COMFOUR® expands the screw retained prosthetic choices available. The COMFOUR® System issupported by a number of impressive technical advantages such as its antirotation mechanism, pre-mounted flexible handle, as well as the Guide-compatible aligning tool in 17° and 30° angles, all in a low and slim design.



  • Angulation corrections are possible up to 30°
  • Shortened treatment time by reducing the need for augmentation
  • Extensive prosthetic options
  • Critical anatomical areas are protected
  • Immediate permanent bridge is possible as a long-term therapy
  • Splinting with bar and bridge restorations assures safe healing of the implants
  • Inexpensive restorative options

COMFOUR® – the comfort class.




CAD libraries with the geometries of the scanning caps for bar abutments simplify the work process and enable precise results. Libraries are available for the following CAD software including instructions for import:


3Shape® CAD Library, Version 2020-07-24

exocad® CAD Library, Version 2020-04-29

Dental Wings® CAD Library, Version 2020-07-24

COMFOUR® Brochure



COMFOUR® restoration options

  • Single-tooth




  • Bridge




  • Hybrid




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