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PROGRESSIVE-LINE − New Implant line

In close collaboration with practicing surgeons, Camlog developed a new implant line to meet the demands for shorter treatment times, earlier prosthetic restoration, and fewer sessions. Hundreds of CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants have been placed during the last nine months right after the first presentation of this new implant line at the Global Symposium of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation in Rotterdam in April 2018. Since then, surgeons experienced an implant that reliably achieves excellent primary stability in all bone classes and proved the results of in-vitro tests to be reproducible in the clinical routine.

Whereas current concepts in the market for immediacy are realized mainly by niche implants, suitable for specific situations or bone types only, PROGRESSIVE-LINE was developed to be an implant suitable for all indications. The outer geometry of the new implant line − available for both the renown CAMLOG® and CONELOG® connections − was geared to facilitate the implementation of treatment concepts like immediate placement and restoration and has been coupled with highly efficient protocols for the implant bed preparation in all bone types.

Well thought out features of this apically tapered implant prove to be particularly advantageous in soft bone. Threads down to the apex that make PROGRESSIVE-LINE ideal for immediate implantation, while also including a coronal anchorage thread helps to master complex situations in reduced bone height e.g. when performing sinus lift surgery. Additional features encompass a broadened thread height with strongly engaging threads, and flexible drill protocols which allow to adapt the stability according to the needs of the treatment plan. In addition, advanced drill designs offer efficient implant site preparation in dense bone − without requiring additional tools or a tap.