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Reversible screw-retained restoration options

CERALOG Prosthetics

CERALOG® Abutment – innovative and made from PEKK high performance polymer

The CERALOG® Implant System comprises straight and angled abutments made of the high performance polymer ether ketone ketone (PEKK). The abutments are attached in the implant either with a titanium or gold screw. PEKK has a light color and is easy to process with conventional milling equipment.




The PEKK high performance polymer


PEKK belongs to the poly aryl ether ketone (PAEK) family. These are high performance thermoplastics which are required and used for extreme conditions, for example, in automotive engineering, the aerospace industry as well as medical engineering. Thanks to their chemical structure, they offer excellent tensile strength, rigidity and hydrolysis resistance.


In addition to its long-standing use in orthopedics, PEKK also covers a broad spectrum of indications in dentistry. The ductility of PEKK reduces the stress factor on the implant and simulates a tooth-like behavior.

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