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CERALOG surface

The dual surface texture

The dual surface texture of CERALOG® combines two defined roughnesses on a single implant, without postprocessing,
that is unique.


The enossal area of the implant body is provided with a micro-roughness with an Ra value of 1.6 μm to enable targeted deposition of bone cells. The neck area of the implant has a lower degree of roughness with an Ra value of 0.5 μm, which additionally optimizes the deposition of soft tissue.

The Y-TZP zirconium dioxide material

CERALOG® Implants consist of ultra-pure yttrium oxide stabilized tetragonal zirconium dioxide. They are produced by Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM). Here both the outer geometry as well as the surface structure are already created in a mold before the sintering and HIP process (HIP = Hot Isostatic Pressing). No abrasive treatment of the zirconium dioxide is necessary during this process. Only few companies worldwide are capable of mastering this high-tech manufacturing process.


100% quality control: every single implant is subjected to an extensive mechanical loading test and dimensional check in a controlled process prior to packaging.

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