BioHorizons® Implant System

The BioHorizons Implants

Since its establishment, BioHorizons® has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive portfolio of evidence-based, clinically proven implants and tissue regeneration solutions. BioHorizon’s corporate philosophy is that successful products are the result of rigorous science and constant innovation.

Implants of BioHorizons are clinically tested in extensive investigation procedures. Different implant lines are available for almost every surgical and prosthetic indication or clinical preference. The prefabricated prosthetic components cover a wide range of restorations.

The manufacturing quality of the products meets the high standards of BioHorizons. The first product development dates back to 1994 when the original Maestro implant was designed at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Over the years, BioHorizons has developed numerous innovative products and currently owns 24 patents. All implants and abutments are color coded according to their diameters or platforms and are therefore easily identifiable.

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Discover the BioHorizons Implant System

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