CONELOG® Prosthetics

The proven portfolio with integrated platform switching

The CONELOG® Portfolio offers a wide range of prosthetic components for different restoration concepts. Digital as well as conventional methods of fabricating dentures can be realized as cemented or screw-retained solutions.

Impression taking and cast fabrication

The impression is taken with high-precision, screw-retained, and antirotational components for the open and closed tray technique as well as for digital impression taking. Lab analogs are available for cast and printed models.

CONELOG Prosthetics Impression posts open tray technique detailshow more
Impression posts for the open tray technique
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CONELOG Prosthetics Impression posts closed tray technique detailshow more
Impression posts for the closed tray technique
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CONELOG Prosthetics Scanbodies and ScanPosts detailshow more
Scanbodies and ScanPosts for scanbody
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CONELOG Prosthetics bite registration posts detailshow more
Bite registration posts
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CONELOG Prosthetics Lab implants Lab analogsshow more
Lab analogs for implants and abutments
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Crown and bridge restorations

Esthetic crown and bridge restorations are a challenge for all parties involved. With prefabricated, customized or CAD/CAM-fabricated abutments, you will always find the required abutment in different materials for a patient-oriented restoration.

CONELOG Prosthetics Temporary abutments detailshow more
Temporary abutments
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CONELOG Prosthetics Esthomic Universal Abutmentsshow more
Esthomic® and Universal abutments
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Titanium bases CAD/CAM
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CONELOG Prosthetics CAM titanium blanksshow more
CAM titanium blanks
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DEDICAM Abutmentsshow more
DEDICAM® Abutments
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CONELOG Prosthetics Gold-plastic abutmentsshow more
Gold-plastic abutments
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CONELOG Prosthetics Logfit Prosthetics detailshow more
Logfit® Prosthetic system
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Hybrid restorations

Geroprosthetics is an important field in implant dentistry. Various abutments or anchoring systems are available for hygiene-compatible, age-appropriate restorations on implants – both for screw-retained and removable dentures.

CONELOG Prosthetics Locator abutmentshow more
Locator® Abutment
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CONELOG Prosthetics Locator R-Tx abutmentshow more
Locator R-Tx® Abutment
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CONELOG Prothetik double crown restoration Universal Abutment Titanium Blankshow more
Double crown restoration
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CONELOG Prosthetics Ball abutmentshow more
Ball abutment
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The CONELOG Implant System

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