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In this area you can find scientific documentation, off-prints and case reports about Camlog products. Please be aware that the reprints and illustrations are copyright protected. Any use that is outside the limits defined by copyright law is not permitted without the permission of the publisher and authors concerned.

Special prints
Cacaci C.

Augmentation Techniques – the Basis of Aesthetic Success in Implant Dentistry
EDI Journal, Teamwork Media

Case reports
Conserva E., Italy

Immediate implant placement in compromised posterior maxillary region with CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE
Case report 09/2021

Case reports
Gómez Meda R., Spain

Successful immediate loading of a PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant with Guided Surgery and Socket Shield Technique
Case report 03/2021

Case reports
Casas T., France

Digital efficiency for the benefit of patients transforming your workflow with PROGRESSIV-LINE
Case report 01/2021

Case reports
Tabuenca Huerta J., Spain

Low invasiveness with CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE even in low bone density and low bone height
Case report 01/2021

Case reports
Casas T., France

Digital workflow in Implantology. Planning of implant prosthetics,
extraction, implantation and provisionalisation for a fractured tooth
Case report 10/2020

Case reports
Scaringi R., Viera D. & Nannelli M., Italy

Ceramic implants: an alternative or a primary choice? Clinical aspects and operating procedures
Case report 09/2020

Case reports
Hermann F. M.Sc., Germany

Efficient and tissue-friendly restauration with platform switched CAMLOG® Ti Base CAD/CAM PS
Case report 05/2020

Case reports
Hammächer C., Germany

Immediate implantation in the aesthetically challenging region
Case report 01/2019
X.J7237.03/2019 Rev.00

Case reports
Steidl F., Schuldes S.

Steidl F, Schuldes S.
Immediate restoration of an upper jaw with four implants using the COMFOUR® System. Special issue: Partner Magazine logo (36).
CAMLOG Case report 04/2016