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Camlog inaugerates state-of-the-art sales building in Wimsheim, Germany

CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH has reached another important milestone with today's inauguration of its new building in Wimsheim, Enzkreis. The new building covers approximately 5,000 square meters and creates space for more jobs in the future. CAMLOG team members, along with Stanley Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schein, Inc., the parent company of the CAMLOG Group, were joined by international business partners, investors, and government officials at the October 26th inauguration ceremony.

“It’s a pleasure to be here to help inaugurate this beautiful new building, and to underscore our commitment to CAMLOG, the oral surgery segment of the global oral health market, and the Wimsheim region,” said Mr. Bergman. “The new building is a symbol of our future and reflects Henry Schein’s strong commitment to CAMLOG, the category champion in Germany, and an outstanding team dedicated to creating great solutions for our customers.”

In an increasingly dynamic and complex competitive environment, companies must become more agile. The open space concept of the new building creates an environment that promotes active communication, makes processes more transparent, and enables faster solutions through direct contact with colleagues. The floor plan is divided in to work zones and offers areas for individual to work at the desk as well as project zones that offer a quiet, living room-like environment to foster creativity and collaboration. Employees can decide for themselves where and how they want to work. They can adapt their workplace to their current task. Maximum flexibility, short coordination channels, and open communication will also contribute to greater efficiency and productivity among the team to enhance the future growth and expansion of the company.

“The ultra-modern sales building is the ideal foundation for further developing the CAMLOG portfolio and driving growth forward. It is a symbol of CAMLOG’s commitment to continuing to put the team’s talents at the center of our strategy,” said Dr. René Willi, member and delegate of the Board of Directors of CAMLOG Holding AG. "Quality and ‘made in Germany’ are in demand. We will continue making investments to serve all different customer needs and market segments, from the fast-growing discount sector to the even faster-growing emerging markets”.

The dental implant market is changing quickly, and CAMLOG has answered those changes with new benefits, such as the ceramic implant system CERALOG and the implant planning service of DEDICAM. The CAMLOG team has evolved and the company’s success has created more than 400 jobs in Wimsheim.

In his opening speech, Michael Ludwig, Managing Director of CAMLOG DACH, explained what is important today in dental implantology to be successful: "It is no longer enough to offer only implants. Sustainability and service concepts are becoming increasingly important. We drive innovation forward and always remain true to ourselves. The fact that it is estimated that every fourth implant placed in Germany comes from CAMLOG speaks for our product and service quality and the outstanding CAMLOG/ALTATEC team. With their commitment, our employees are 100 percent there for our customers, exchange ideas with them at eye level and promote cooperation".

On moving in, Jürg Eichenberger, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented CAMLOG with an iconic iron sculpture by the artist Pieter Obels. As CAMLOG founder, Jürg Eichenberger has built a special bond with the company and to the region where CAMLOG’s origins started. The sculpture represents the philosophy of the company group with the delicate and winding shapes of steel symbolizing the team’s unity to deliver numerous solutions from a single source.

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• Image 1: The creators of the new CAMLOG sales building, gathered around the expressive sculpture (LTR) Jean-Marie Wyss, Wolfgang Herz, Stanley Bergman, Jürg Eichenberger, E. Dianne Rekow, Michael Ludwig, Pieter Obels (artist), Dr. René Willi, Michael S. Ettinger, Jörg Steinbrink, Mario Weisbrich

• Image 2: The employees of CAMLOG/ALTATEC are standing for continuity, growth and team spirit

• Image 3: Exterior view of the new CAMLOG sales building

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Image 1: CAMLOG building

Image 2: CAMLOG building

Image 3: CAMLOG building

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