First steps in implantology - Basic training for beginners with the CONELOG® implant system

You have not yet gained any surgical experience with implants? Or have you previously only treated the superstructure of your patients yourself and would now like to perform simple implantations yourself? Then our „First steps in Implantology“ training course with Dr. Frederic Hermann is just right for you. You will acquire theoretical and practical skills and can then venture into implantology.


Learning objectives
  • Accelerate the learning curve from theory to implant insertion on a predictable way.
  • Implement the surgical protocols in a step-by-step hands-on with different models.
  • Know how to perform the incision and subsequent wound closure in a simple implant case.
  • Know how to perform the incision and subsequent wound closure including GBR in a simple implant case.
  • Knowledge about different implant types and their correct application.
  • Get insights of the implant production and the importance of quality parameters.



Please bring your loupes


Arrival Day – June 26

  • Individual arrival at Hotel Ibis Styles, Bleichstrasse 17, 75173 Pforzheim
  • 17.10 Meet in the lobby and walk to the restaurant Parkhotel, Deimlingstrasse 32-36, 75175 Pforzheim
  • 17.30 Joint evening with dinner and get together (Welcome, Staff, Speakers and Participants introduction plus Company Presentation)

Day 1 – June 27

  • 07.50 Meet in the lobby
  • 08.00 Bus transfer to Camlog / Altatec, Maybachstrasse 5, 71299 Wimsheim
  • 08.45 Welcome
  • 09.00 My history of implantology by Frederic Hermann
  • 09.15 Diagnostics, risk assessment, treatment planning
  • 11.00 Break
  • 11.15 Incision design, flap preparation, theory and hands-on on plastic model 
  • 12.00 Different Implant types and their tridimensional positioning (supra-, epi- and sub-crestal)
  • 12.30 Lunch break         
  • 13.15 The Conelog System, surgical procedure including implant placement on the plastic model
  • 14.00 Suture techniques, theory and hands-on on pig-ear (incl. individual break)
  • 16.00 Incision design, flap preparation and mobilization, implant placement and flap stabilization for submerged healing, hands-on on pig-jaw. 
    Incision design, flap preparation, implant placement and flap stabilization for transgingival healing, hands-on on pig-jaw.
  • 18.00 Clinical case presentation 
  • 18.30 End of training
  • 18.40 Bus transfer to restaurant Platzhirsch, Weiherstrasse 13, 75173 Pforzheim
  • 19.00 Dinner at restaurant Platzhirsch

Day 2 – June 28

  • 08.00 Meet in the lobby
  • 08.10 Bus transfer to Camlog / Altatec, Maybachstrasse 5, 71299 Wimsheim
  • 08.45 Summary of day 2, Q&A     
  • 09.00 Indication and application of Biomaterial     
  • 10.00 Flap, implant placement, biomaterial application and suturing, submerged healing, hands-on on pig-jaw
  • 11.30 Conelog implant – abutment connection design and implant surface (TS)
  • 12.30 Lunch break
  • 13.15 Company tour (TS)
  • 14.45 Implant concept, checklist for first implant placements    
  • 15.45 Final Quiz, learning control (FH+TS) 
  • 16:15 Certificate ceremony
  • 16.45 End of training and individual departures
The speakers
Camlog Veranstaltung Referent Dr. med. dent. Frederic Hermann
Dr. med. dent. Frederic Hermann, M.Sc.
BioHorizons Camlog event speaker Thomas Schibler MTD
Thomas Schibler
Master Dental Technician
Your contact person
Merima Bajramovic