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Impressions of the IDS 2019

At IDS 2019, BioHorizons and Camlog present a variety of innovations for implant-based tooth replacement. The comprehensive lines of dental implants, restorative components, CAD/CAM and regenerative solutions are tailored to the diverse individual needs of today’s clinical challenges in daily practice.

Highlights at IDS 2019 include: 

  • The launch of a new implant line geared to high primary stability and modern treatment concepts – the PROGRESSIVE-LINE, available for the established CAMLOG® and CONELOG® connections;
  • The presentation of an innovative line extensions to the BioHorizons Tapered Implant System introducing the Tapered Short implant and the Tapered Immediate Molar;
  • The display of further developments of the CERALOG® 2-piece ceramic implant system increasing prosthetic ease-of-use;
  • With Intra-Spin®, a centrifuge to create L-PRF®, a three-dimensional autologous combination of platelet rich fibrin derived from the patient's blood, BioHorizons and Camlog are complementing the comprehensive portfolio of regenerative solutions; and,
  • BioHorizons and Camlog announced the CE certification of a novel acellular dermal matrix derived from porcine tissue, intended for soft tissue applications – NovoMatrix™ – designed for cellular repopulation and revascularization.